Hello all you lovely people. It's another wet morning in the school holidays. I hope you are all surviving! Just a wee update on some neat products that have just come in to Little Rooms. Our surfer van (aka - combi van) art pegs are now available. These will look super cool on the wall and we also have back in stock the owl art pegs and the caravan art pegs (my fav). Also back in stock are some of our favourite sleepy lights - these are fantastic night lights. Very soon I will upload a video of how these work as they have some pretty cool features. The butterfly, rocket ship and pirate ship are now all back :)

Lastly we now have a new duvet set called the Katie. Butterflies are always popular with the little girls and they will just love this set. Check it out on the front page of the website and in our bedding section.

Have a lovely Sunday xx