Hi Friends,

What to do on a Saturday morning when you've been awoken by the little folk! Oh I know! Blog :) So here I am. The little one is happily glued to the TV and the rest of the house is fast asleep.

So a good time to let you know that I will be getting in very soon - as in probably on Monday, my new range of lights! Yay. The string lighting that we used to stock is unfortunately now unavailable in a lot of the favourite lines so I went searching for a new range. I really think you are going to like them...

Not only that but we have fortunately been able to restock all of our current stock so if there's an item you've been waiting to show up available then it is most likely on it's way!! Thank goodness because I really don't like to disappoint anyone. But please if there is something you've seen maybe in one of our images or somewhere and you're wondering if we could get it in - let me know! We don't always get the whole range in but we have a huge database of products from our suppliers to choose from so it may be that we can get it in just for you. xx

Here's a little sneak peek of something arriving on Monday. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Copper Seed Lights - Beautiful in jars, or wrapped through ornaments, place them on walls or play tents or in a special book nook. The possibilities are endless.