Okay so if you are looking to create a room for your little person then what are the trends for 2015? One that really stands out and that I've been reading a lot about is the use of a neutral colour base with colourful accents. Perfect for when you go to sell the home right? You don't want the job of painting the hot pink off the walls right before you sell. It can also grow with your child because as they outgrow some items you can just replace them without renovating the entire room. I love this idea and it makes it very easy to get started. If your lucky enough to already have a neutral colour that is.. My personal take on this is that it gives you the best of both worlds and it's practical.

Heres a good example of this. It's cute, practical, modern, calming and pretty.


So what's next on this list?? Pineapples. From wall stickers to cushions, pineapples are everywhere! If you're going for a summer breeze kind of thing then some cute decals might be just the way. Check out these cuties from Speckled House. Hopefully Little Rooms will be getting some of these in soon! Once again note the neutrals with colourful accents.

But what about the boys you say? Yes well one of the number one trends is the use of maps. Not only do they look great but of course they are educational as well!

Source Found on fawnandforest.com

So there's three little gems for you to get started but keep in mind that the possibilities when it comes to kids rooms are endless and actually you don't have to follow any rules. Just have fun with it. The little person in your life will love it.